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May 2016 - Notary Scenarios (POA's, & Wills)
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National Notary Association
North Texas Mobile Notary is a NNA Signing Agent Certified (passed the Signing Agent Qualification Exam) and have completed the NNA background screening program which is industry recognized.  In accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and FTC Safeguards Rule, which were enacted to safeguard consumer privacy, the lending industry has begun to require background screening and compliance training for all individuals involved in the lending process - including Notary Signing Agents.  The nation's leading mortgage industry firms are relying on the National Notary Association when they seek highly qualified - trained, certified, background screened -Notary Signing Agents who can perform their duties properly and ethically.  The NNA Certified and Background Screened designation mean that we have obtained the superior qualifications that secure our ability to work with top title and mortgage services companies.

American Society of Notaries
North Texas Mobile Notary is a long standing member of the nation's oldest and most distinguished professional society serving notaries public, and experience the hands-on service and technical support that makes ASN members so loyal.  Our smaller, select membership base enables us to serve you more personally.  Our experienced, commissioned notaries public on staff spend hours each day researching the state notary law to ensure that our technical support is the best it can be.  Expert information and caring, personal service on all our toll-free members only technical support line.  When you have questions regarding notarial procedures, ethics, notary law, forms, and notarial certificates, we're here for you.!   Members also have access to our Email Q & A service.  The Society's newsletter, American notary is straight-talking, informative articles on the notary issues that interest you-that's what you'll get with our American notary newsletter, published six times per year for members and industry friends. The American Society of Notaries is dedicated to providing its members with education, professional service and technical support; promoting high ethical standards; and increasing public awareness of notaries' valuable contributions.

United States Notary Association
This Notary Association was launched in September 2002 to provide service and support to notaries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  They provide a monthly information-packed electronic newsletter which is an unparalleled professional resource for the practicing notary public.  This newsletter keeps us informed on the drafting of new notary legislation, proposed changes in the law and reporting on new laws that have been passed.

Notary Law Institute has 1-step kits to become a notary in North Texas an on-line notary courses and self-study notary classes customized to your state's notary rules.  Since 1990 the Notary Law Institute has enjoyed the highest honor of being the most dependable and respected notary public services provider in America.  We are the nation's leading notary law and rule experts in all fifty states. The Notary Law Institute is America's most respected and prestigious notary training and service provider. We have just one goal: to educate and serve notaries. The Notary Law Institute is unlike any other notary organization. Others are unable to deliver the high results we do.

Notary Directory Listings
In addition to being longstanding members of the above Notary Associations and Societies, North Texas Mobile Notary is proud of our affiliation with various directories.  The directories afford us the opportunity to market ourselves to our client base and we are very appreciative.  Most importantly these directories investigate and research the credentials of their members and we can say to our customers that we have been thoroughly vetted and screened and are in excellent standing with the notary community.
Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  At North Texas Mobile Notary Service, our employees and affiliates spend many hours at nursing homes and hospitals signing Wills and various Power of Attorney documents.  Here a few scenarios on "best practices" in handling actual situations in this line of work.

Notary Scenario 1: The Notary is called to the hospital room of a patient to notarize that person's signature on several documents. The patient appears disinterested in the documents and expresses a desire to be allowed to sleep. Also present is the patient's spouse, who insists that the patient first attend to signing the documents. The spouse places a pen in the patient's hand and directs it to the signature space on one of the documents, but the patient makes no effort to sign.
Notary Best Practice:
The Notary respects the patient's wish to sleep, promising to return later and to notarize if the patient appears alert and willing to sign the documents.

Notary Scenario 2: The Notary is called to the home of an elderly person to notarize that individual's signature on several documents. The Notary is introduced to the would-be signer by the person's relative. Acting in a childlike manner, the elderly person appears disinterested in the documents. Though the relative urges the Notary to act, the Notary is unable to get a coherent response to simple questions regarding the notarial act (e.g., "Is that your signature, and have you signed this document willingly?").
Notary Best Practice: The Notary does not notarize the documents, since the person's conduct indicates a strong likelihood that the individual is not at the moment capable of responsible action.

Notary Scenario 3: The Notary is called to a nursing home to notarize documents for a bedridden patient, whose friend is also present. The patient is awake and sitting up, with both documents signed and resting on a tray table. However, the patient's speech is slurred and the individual is not coherently responsive to the Notary's greeting and questions. The friend urges the Notary to notarize.
Notary Best Practice: The Notary declines to notarize because, without clear and direct two-way communication with the signer, the Notary cannot be sure of the individual's awareness. The Notary must not rely on an "interpreter" who may have a motive for misrepresenting the signer's condition or intent.

Above are just a few scenarios to handle situations when working as a mobile notary in visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and other adult-care type facilities.One of the notaries primary responsibility is to verify the willingness, and state-of-mind of mind of each signor.  Always refer to the latest notary rules in your state as your guideline.  Thanks. 

Notary Public Dallas Ft. Worth
April 2016 - Importance of attending conferences
Conferences are key to gain customer confidence.  The opportunity for attending the upcoming National Notary Conference in ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA 2016 is fastly approaching.  Conferences are not merely an opportunity to visit a new destination for leisure activities, but rather a key time in your business to network, discuss, and take full advantage of learning how to improve your customer service. 

A notary business owner has to constantly understand the changing needs and expectation of the customer.  In a business where you are in direct communication with your customer, your sustenance is dependent upon your credibility. 

A successful notary should always strive to be the complete package and should be able convincingly answer any question fielded by a signing customer to provide the feeling from the customer that they are in safe hands.

The NNA conference is a chance for a Notary business owner to share best practices in the industry.  Every notary has varied experiences when dealing with clients of which each day could provide a new experience.  The need to share these anecdotal and intellectual insights with the rest of the notary community is a proven formula to uplift the entire notary profession.  The NNA conference relies on experiences from notaries all over the country under one roof.

Drawing experiences from those who have had a longer stint in the field as well as learning about new techniques in providing superior customer service to the client is invaluable to your business.   Sharing is the key! 
March 2016 - Mobile Notary Safety Tips
Protecting yourself as a Mobile Notary Public.  In order to be more competitive in the dense notary public industry, many mobile notary businesses have extended their business hours to weekends, late night, and even 24 hour services.  While this has made it easier for signors to obtain notarizations, it has created increased safety concerns for notaries.

Listed below are tips for mobile notary businesses in protecting themselves and their employees while performing mobile services throughout their respective communities.

1.  The first rule is to always let someone know where you are going. This is especially important when visiting residences day or night. Our notaries send a text to someone of the address they are visiting prior to entering the home or apartment. We also have them send a text after the notary is complete thus indicating that they are safely back in their vehicle and headed to the next appointment.

2.  When entering a home, always make a mental record of the path you took to get in, and also be aware of any additional exit doors to the outside should the main entry door is blocked or obstructed.  Also, if possible while signing the documents, try to sit facing the door you entered.   

3.  Always make sure you have a charged mobile phone.  This will be essential should you need to contact someone in an emergency.

4.  Go with your gut instincts.  If it doesnt feel right, do not enter the premises.  You can always ask the signor to meet you at a public place like Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.  If you have already entered the home, again, try to face the front door while signing the documents. If at any point you get a sense of danger, find a way to leave immediately and contact someone.  Dont ever put yourself in danger trying to finish a notarization and collect documents.

In our experience, the vast amount of signors are friendly, and doing business at their residence ended without a hitch...but over the years they were a few less-than-friendly situations we have encountered that gave us a feeling of a potential dangerous situation.  Always make safety a priority and hopefully these tips will help with in that effort.         

February 2016 - Common Notary Signing Mistakes
Where did the act of notarization get its start?  Actually, the practice of the notary public dates back to ancient Roman times when only a few people were taught to read and write. A "Notarius" was appointed as a public official to create written documents of agreement or wills and hold them for safekeeping.

In those days, wax seals with individualized engravings or symbols were used as signatures at the end of the written agreements. In later centuries, ribbons were woven into multiple page documents to tie the pages together. Seals were placed over the knots to ensure no pages were added or removed. This was the birth of the notary seal and certificate.

In colonial America, persons of high moral character were appointed as public notaries to certify and keep safe documents of shipping and bills of lading for transatlantic shipping.

In current times, a notary is now a public servant appointed by a state official. This position is important as he provides protection for business deals. Depending on the state, the notary has the power to acknowledge signatures, especially on court papers such as affidavits, conduct oaths and affirmations, and issue subpoenas in lawsuits. For these services, he receives a fee set by the state.

To become a notary public in the U.S, the applicant should be at least 18 years of age and a permanent resident of the state in which he wants to be a notary. Notary is a comparatively easy role to secure, in most cases only requiring the applicant to pass a simple test and undergo some form of background check. The rights and privileges of a notary are normally limited to the basic duties of an impartial witness. To be precise, notaries are not licensed to give any form of legal advice, prepare legal documents or otherwise perform law.

Becoming a notary public involves three important steps. Filling out an application form available in the state or from the nonprofit National Notary Association (NNA) is the first step. An important point to remember is that each state has different eligibility standards for its notaries. Second, a fee is paid to the commissioning authority. Finally, the applicant takes an oath of office in front of a notary public. This action may be incorporated into the application or filed with a county clerk.

Protecting your Notary Priveledges.  As a notary public in the DFW area including Grapevine, Southlake, and Irving, Texas, we get faulty transaction request on a weekly basis.  For example, we often get calls requesting notarizations in Southlake, Tx for someone who is not completely competent, or calls in Grapevine, Tx for someone who doesnt have proper ID, and even notary request in Irving, Tx from someone who doesnt speak the common language that is to be mutually understood by both parties.  At North Texas Mobile Notary Sevice, our advice is to confront these issues as soon as possible to avoid future problems and confusion.  Knowing the basics of notary rules & guidelines as a State representative will protect you as a notary from future complications. 
Listed below are a few ways to educate and inform citizens before having to say "no" to them, this way things are always done professionally, and our customers feel content with our notaries and will possibly be obliged to call on us again for their future notary needs.

  • Prior to meeting a customer, make sure they have a valid ID, and ensure that the ID matches the printed name under the signature line.
  • If notarizing a power of attorney or will, pay careful consideration that the subject-signor is signing under his/her own free will.
  • Verify the document has notarial wording.  (i.e Venue, location, & notarial statement. If there is no notarial wording,the notary can ask the customer what notarial act they want performed.       
Here are few ways notaries can protect themselves.
1.  Always follow Texas notary Public Law.
2.  Refuse to notarize when necessary.
3.  Take advantage of notary education.
4.  Join a professional organization, such as:
5.  Purchase erros and omissions insurance (protection for the notary when a mistake is made that causes a customer to suffer a financial loss.

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