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Proctoring services are for students and/or professionals who are enrolled in an online course. A proctored exam is an exam which is administered under the supervision of an instructor.  All of our Proctored instuctors are background checked and commissioned by the state of Texas.  We validate all students ID's and approved testing facilities to ensure the proper execution of your online testing. 

To maintain the integrity of proctored exams, our proctor must meet several requirements:
  • Instructors must be background checked and commissioned by the State of Texas.
  • Instructors must not be a relative and/or friend of the student.
  • Instructors will be able to continuously monitor the student during the exam.
  • Instructors can not have a conflict of interest or have any vested interest in the student's grade or performance on the exam.
  • Instructors will have adequate and reliable access to the internet, including email services during the exam.
Examinations will be sent to our proctor's secured business email. (

All exams will be proctored in locations deemed acceptable by either the Online & Special Programs office. Locations primarily include:
  • Official testing centers at an accredited college/university
  • Public library
  • Professional learning/tutoring center
  • Military base
 Note:  Proctored exams are not conducted in residential settings.

Call us for more information and to set up an appointment with one our esteemed Proctor Instructors.
We want to help you maintain academic excellence and your help students achieve their dreams.

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North Texas Mobile Notary offers the most reliable and accurate Mobile Notary (Notary service at your location) available in the Dallas area. With a scheduled appointment, you are assured that your document will be notarized at the time and place most convenient to you.

We understand that sometimes it is inconvenient or impossible to get to a notary. Our mobile notaries make visits to homes, jails, offices, hospitals, and hotels.  Notarization provides assurance that the signor of the document has shown valid photo ID to a notary. We check ID carefully prior to notarization, make appropriate logbook entries and affix our stamp and embossed seal. We verify and complete the notarization date and location, as notarized documents require the State and County where the notarization took place.

For your protection our notaries carry the official Texas State Commission - issued to authorized notaries.
We also carry photo ID - our drivers' licenses. In addition, we will provide our business card and a receipt if
payment is in cash. As representatives of the Texas Department of State we take our function very seriously.

Although rare, there are times when we cannot notarize a document. We require that the document NOT be signed prior to our arrival, or resigned if already signed. A personal appearance by the signor in front of the notary is always required. We also must decline to pre/post date document notarizations. Please understand the distinction between the document date and the notarization date. The document date is the effective date of the document and is of no concern to the notary. The notarization date is the actual date the signor appears before the notary and must be accurately reflected on the document.  Below is a brief summary of what we will and will not sign:

Traveling Mobile Notary Service in Dallas
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* Power of Attorney * Immigration Documents
* Loan Documents * Photographs
* Trusts * Blank / Incomplete Documents
* Estate Planning Documents * Documents that do not require a signature
* Litigation / Court Documents * Notarial act not clearly defined
* Any Legal documents permitted to be notarized * Clients unclear which notarial act they desire
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